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Full Name:          Gillian Leigh Anderson

Date of Birth:       August 9th, 1968

Hospital of Birth:  St. Mary of Nazareth

City of Birth:        Cook County, Chicago

State of Birth:      Illinois, USA

Hair Color:          Ash blond

Eye Color:           Blue

Height:               5'3"

Husband:            Clyde Klotz (divorced)

Children:             Piper Maru

Parents:              Edward & Rosemary

Siblings:             Zoe & Aaron

Profession:         Actress

Favorite Food:    Salmon Sushi

Party Affiliation:  Democrat

Favorite Movie:   The Wrong Trousers (1993)

Pets:                 Neopolitan Mastiff  (Cleo)

Favorite Band:    Cake, umm ... Jude maybe ...
                         for the moment

Favorite Drink:    Decaf nonfat foamy mocha and
                         something about skim milk

Gillian's   love   for   acting
began  when  she  decided
to audition for a community
play  while  still  attending
City  High  School in Grand
Rapids, Michigan.

"Somehow, I have no idea
how   the  transition  was
made  from  wanting to be
a  archeologist or a  marine
biologist, to wanting to be an actress, but it just kind of happened," says Gillian.

As a child, Gillian showed a flair for drama but
was more of a tomboy who harbored dreams of becoming a marine Biologist than the dream of movie stardom.  "I loved digging up worms and cutting  them  up  into  little  pieces.   In  the
interests of science, of course!"

Her  mother  Rosemary  recalls,  "From the
start Gillian had a real flare for the dramatic.  That has simply always been her personality.
But the first time I knew something was really up with her and acting was when she was 14 and a teacher assigned her the Romeo And Juliet balcony scene.  Gillian had no background in Shakespeare, acting or anything remotely like it.  Nobody on either side of our family had any experience with acting.  Her father was interested in film production, but that had mostly been connected with industrial training films and commercials.  But she studied that scene and mastered it with no effort whatever.  When she performed it from me my jaw just dropped."

Gillian Leigh Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 9th, 1968.  Soon after her birth, the family relocated to Puerto Rico for 15 months and then moved to England.  Gillian spent the next 9 years of her childhood growing up in London's North End.  First in Stamford Hill, then later in Crouch End, while her father Edward was studying film production at the London School of Film Technique in Covent Garden for 2 years.  Eventually the family moved back to the States and settled in Grand Rapids. Her father now runs a film post-production company and her mother is a computer analyst.

Before the acting bug hit, Gillian dabbled in the punk rocker scene.  "I fainted when it was inserted.  My father was furious about it," Gillian tells of her and her father's reaction of her getting a nose ring.  "I was confused," is how Gillian puts her somewhat wild teen years.  "I was arrested on graduation night for breaking and entering into the high school," Gillian confessed in a recent interview for TV Guide.  Of course, growing up in England and then moving back to the States was not a simple thing, as her mother recalls:  "The contrast was just incredible.  Plus she missed all the friends she had grown up with in London.  And her classmates all thought she talked funny because she didn't have an American accent.  Gillian had to learn to speak like an American for the first time in her life, just to fit in."  Gillian herself admits:  "I was angry and it was my way of keeping people at a distance."  In a different interview, Gillian remembers, "I was always off in my own little world or being sent to the principal's office for talking back." Then the acting bug hit and, "My outlook changed, my grades went up and I was voted 'most improved student'," Gillian says.

After graduating from City High School in 1986, Gillian studied acting at the prestigious DePaul University's Goodman Theater and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. While attending DePaul, Gillian was selected to attend a three-week workshop run by the National Theatre of Great Britain at Cornell in Ithaca, NY during the summer after her freshman year.  Upon obtaining her degree, Gillian headed to New York at the age of 22 to pursue a career in acting.  Gillian's first big break came she landed a role in the off Broadway play 'Absent Friends.'  It was for her performance in this production that Gillian won a Theater World Award in 1991.  Gillian did one more play, 'The Philanthropist,' which was performed at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, Connecticut, and a low budget film starring Tess Harper and Karen Allen called 'The Turning' before relocating to LA to pursue a career in film.  "First of all, I swore I'd never move to Los Angeles, and once I did, I swore I'd never do television.  It was only after being out of work for almost a year that I began going in [to auditions] on some stuff that I would pray that I wouldn't get because I didn't want to be involved in it."

In LA, Gillian landed a guest appearance in the short lived TV series 'Class of 96.'  The title of the episode that she guest starred in was 'The Accused,' and was episode number 8.  In 1993, Gillian auditioned for a TV pilot on a newly formed Fox Network called The X-Files, in which she auditioned for the role of Special Agent Dana Scully.  "I couldn't put the script down," Gillian remembers.  During the auditions, there was a bit of behind the scenes action.  The executives at Fox wanted someone with less radiance and more sex-appeal cast in the role of Scully, but Chris Carter insisted that Gillian had the no-nonsense integrity that the role required.  "I sort of staked my pilot and my career at the time on Gillian.  I feel vindicated everyday now," says Chris Carter about his decision to stand firm on his choice for Scully.  As luck would have it, the day Gillian's last unemployment check arrived, she found out that she had won the role of Agent Scully and flew straight out to Vancouver to begin shooting the pilot.   "I didn't foresee at all that it was going to become as popular as it has.  I often thought, 'What have I gotten myself into?'  The first year was the hardest in terms of getting into the grueling hours and sleep deprivation and having to perform constantly, day in and day out," Gillian recalls of the first season.

Just as the show was taking off, Gillian met Clyde Klotz, the series assistant art director at the time.  "It wasn't quite love at first sight," Gillian says of their three-month affair.  "It was Clyde's smile that first attracted me. He was very quiet, rugged and cool, but I soon realized he had a lot to say and that he was a very intelligent man."  On New Year's Day of 1994, Gillian and Clyde flew to Hawaii and got married on the 17th hole of a golf course.  The only other person present was the Buddhist Monk that performed the ceremony.  "We sent a letter to my mum and dad, with a strict instruction not to open it until New Year's Day.  Mum had already met Clyde and my dad was in a good mood that day, so they were happy," Gillian recalls about how she informed her parents about her new spouse.  Gillian was back on the set of The X-Files two days later.  Then came shocking news a few months later when Gillian found out that she was pregnant.  She already knew what she wanted to do, but concedes to "not completely thinking ahead about the consequences of that decision."  The first person she told on the set was co-star David Duchovny.  "Part of the show's success is the audience's investment in these characters," Chris Carter said as he again stuck by Gillian and refused to have Scully re-cast.  "It was a bit of a bombshell for them (referring to the executives at Fox). It wasn't in my contract not to get pregnant, but it is now," Gillian recalls.

Chris Carter then created an alien abduction that kept Gillian off-camera long enough for labor, delivery, and a 10-day maternity leave.  "My feet were swelling and I was exhausted, sleeping between scenes," Gillian remembers.  Gillian's daughter, Piper, was delivered in September of 1994 by cesarean section, which wasn't anticipated and required her to spend the next six days in the hospital.  Four days later, Gillian was back on the set shooting scenes for the episode 'One Breath.'  "During the first season, I didn't know who the hell I was, let alone this character was.  I feel stronger as a person in the world now.  I remember, after going through the birthing process, feeling that no cut, no abrasions, no knock on the head will make me whine again," she commented in a recent interview.  "I can't imagine not having Piper," says Gillian, who chose Chris Carter to be the baby's godfather.  Four years, one husband, and a daughter later, Gillian is still playing the enigmatic Special Agent Scully on the Fox Networks biggest hits to date.  The show itself has received numerous awards and nominations, namely The Golden Globe Award for Best Drama TV Series in 1995, and raked in 5 Emmys at the 1996 Ceremony.   Gillian was honored with a SAG Award in 1996 as Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series and was also nominated for an Emmy in 1996 for the same category.

1997 has been kind to Gillian so far, as she took home the "actor" at this year's SAG Awards as Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Ms. Anderson was also honored by the Foreign Press with a Golden Globe in the category of Best Actress in a Television Drama for 1997.

1. Who is Gillian Anderson?

Gillian Anderson is an actress primarily known for playing Special Agent Dana Scully on the Fox Network's The X-Files. In the United States, the show was originally on Friday nights. However, in the fall of 1996, it was moved to Sunday night. The X-Files now airs world wide and on numerous channels. For example, in Singapore the X-Files has been shown at various slots, and currently the fourth season is on TCS5 at 9.30pm on Wednesdays. Reruns of earlier seasons are also on TCS and RTM2. In the UK it airs on Sky and the BBC. For upcoming episodes in your area there are several pages on the internet that list them;

2. What are those vital Statistics?

Most Gillian sites list these and the most complete version is on The Gillian Anderson Web Site. Gillian is 5'2" (Scully is 5'3"), smallish build, auburn hair, blue eyes (although they appear to change color somewhat), cute nose, fair Complexion (slightly freckled). The GAML's best guess at a shoe size was 7 USA. Personally, I have never had the chance to ask so I dunno.

3. What is Gillian's background?

Gillian (pronounced Jill'-ee-un), was born on August 9, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, to Edward and Rosemary Anderson, and is one of three children. She lived in Puerto Rico, and then in London, (her family still owns a flat there). At age eleven she moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she graduated from City High in Grand Rapids in 1986. Gillian then moved to Chicago and attended the Goodman Theater School at DePaul University (a major theater conservatory), in Chicago, IL where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Gillian also attended a summer program at the National Theater of Great Britain at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. She then moved to Chicago where she went to college. Once she gained her BFA, she moved to New York, New York. where she made several theater performances and then to Los Angeles in about '91/'92. Upon gaining the role of Dana Scully, Gillian then relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where she now resides with her daughter, Piper.

4. Is Gillian married?

Currently no. However Gillian was married to Errol Clyde Klotz, a former X-Files crewmember. They were married on New Years Day 1994 in Hawaii. Says Gillian, "We kept it very, very small. In fact, it was just the two of us and a Buddhist priest on the 17th hole of this golf course in Hawaii." Gillian and Clyde have a daughter, Piper Maru Anderson - born September 25, 1994. Piper was born by Cesarean and it was due to Gillian's pregnancy that the producers of the X-Files took a huge risk and had Gillian's character, Scully, abducted by aliens. This later turned out to be a pivotal turning point in the show's history and major part of the on going mythological episodes. Gillian missed only one episode of the x-files ("3") while pregnant with Piper. Recently, Ms. Anderson and Mr. Klotz separated in October of 1996. Currently Gillian was dating Rodney Rowland.

5. What is the Gillian NF connection?

Gillian's younger brother, Aaron Anderson, was born with the genetic disorder Neurofibromatosis. Rosemary Anderson, (Gillian's mother), runs a support group in West Michigan for NF, and Gillian often does charity work for the non-profit organization NF, Inc. One recent event was the on-line auction on The Gillian Anderson Web Site in which Gillian donated several autographed items. This small effort raised over $6,000 (US) for the families and people suffering from NF. For more information, and to possibly make a donation, please go to the NF, Inc. Homepage or The Gillian Anderson Web Site.

6. What is Gillian Anderson like?

From all reports, she is a very intelligent, hardworking, and charming woman with an easygoing and bubbly personality (in other words, a heartbreaker to us guys) who genuinely enjoys her work. Even though she finds the schedule of working in a weekly show to be very stressful, you wouldn't guess it from her consistently exemplary performances. She is also very open and honest and possesses a quirky and charming sense of humor. Glen Morgan has referred to her as "very smart" and Chris Carter is also impressed by how hardworking she is (she was at work each day up until two days before her daughter's birth).

7. Does Gillian have an e-mail address?

No, Gillian does not have an e-mail address for fan mail. She does have a computer and does keep up with her on-line presence. To send Gillian a fan letter you must send it regular snail mail to the address listed below:

8. What is the deal with that movie "The Turning?"

"The Turning," was Gillian's first motion picture. It has been highly toted as a porn flick. It is not! Gillian has a very minor role and appears in this film for all of 10 minutes. Those expecting to see the infamous "sex scene" will be in Gillian's own words, "sorely disappointed."

9. Did Gillian really have that nose ring and does she have a tattoo?

The answer is yes on both accounts. The nose ring, though, is a totally blown out of proportion tale as it was only there briefly. The tattoo came in 1996 while Gillian toured the South Pacific. It is on her right ankle and is a symbol from a native group on the island where Gillian got the tattoo -it is of two turtles. Recently Gillian added a pierced naval ring.

10. Is there a Gillian Anderson fan club?

Technically no. There is no official fan club. There are several unofficial fan clubs for Gillian ranging from the GATB (which is closed to new members) to the one on The Gillian Anderson Web Site. For a complete listing of unofficial Gillian fan clubs visit The Link-O-Rama

11. Where can I find photographs of Gillian?

This answer depends greatly on where you live and how much money and time you have. You can try S&P Parker's Movie Market at 714/376-0326 or Hollywood Book and Poster Co. 213/465-8764. Most book stores or newsstands carry many of the major publications Gillian has been in as do many Sci-Fi or comic book stores in your area.

12. What are some of Gillian past works or performances and achievements?

Performances: Achievements and awards:




Mitch Pileggi


Appeared in:

  Assistant Director Skinner is Mulder and Scully's supervisor. A former marine, he demands the best from his agents and expects nothing less. Dealing with unorthodox cases as unusual as the X-Files, would probably warrant unorthodox methods for solving them. But he insists all cases are solved by the book. This creates a great deal of tension between he and Mulder. Mulder's majority of detection methods happen to be unorthodox, but so far he hasn't truly gotten into trouble with Skinner...yet.
  The infamous Cigarette-Smoking Man frequents Skinner's office, but you wouldn't exactly call the two friendly. Skinner shut the X-Files section down because of "higher orders," but reopened them without consent from above. They haven't been closed since that time. Skinner also showed his independence when he was ordered to render the Melissa Scully murder case inactive, but fought to keep it active. Soon after his announcement of this fact to Dana Scully, she "bumped" into her sister's killer, who at the time was attempting to finish his botched job of killing Skinner.
  Skinner values Mulder and Scully as two of the best agents around. When Mulder gets in trouble, Skinner defends him against his bosses. In "One Breath", Skinner refused to accept Mulder's resignation, because Mulder's open-mindedness is a vast aspect of his skills.